e knew the triumphs: landing your first front page story, scoring the perfect beat, acing an interview, finding a nurturing editor. We knew the complaints: high pressure, unclear expectations, skeptical colleagues, no feedback.

We relied on each other. Young journalists attract one other in newsrooms, talking shop over lunch, bouncing ideas around the office, venting over drinks.

The Association of Young Journalists (pronounced ‘age’) was created as a national network of journalists younger than 35 who are committed to professional growth. What started out as an idea at a Denver burrito joint in May 2003, quickly became the network of more than 900 reporters, editors, photographers, designers and producers that we have today.

In addition to helping young journalists connect and find development opportunities, AYJ is committed to providing a unified voice for young journalists. AYJ has started creating local chapters throughout the country and hopes to hold its first conference next year. To find a chapter near you, click here. If a chapter has not been created in your area, please contact one of the founding members below.

AYJ members can also use our searchable membership directory to find fellow youngjournos across the country. We invite you to find out more about our organization by following the links on the right. You can also join our organization by filling out this form.