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The Association of Young Journalists

JournalistsHello Boomers, Here’s What’s Up

It’s the end of the internship season, and now you may have these new whipersnappers invading your newsroom. Poynter’s Leading Lines columnist Jill Geisler wrote a guide to dealing with these new employees from Generation Y. Also, a letter from a Gen Y employee to newsroom managers.

AYJ gives the association of young journalists an outlet


The Chips Quinn Scholars program, a division of the Freedom Forum, profiles AYJ, its goals and what’s coming up

Newsrooms Need Young Journalists

Face it, newsrooms need young journalists.

Whether we’re there to offer a youthful perspective on the news, to go all out on a story or, frankly, as cheap labor, many of the nation’s newsrooms thrive on the work of young journalists. We have energy, passion, and commitment.…