Over the years Chesney Heiz Field concerts have always been a success. However, things took a wrong turn in the 2013 concert. Kenny Chesney’s Heinz Field concert brought with it a lot of garbage on the North shore. It was the result of the concert that made the country music singer stop going to any concert in 2014.

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melodyKenny took the hole of 2014 off. He did not tour the whole summer. He decided to focus on his new album. In an interview, Chesney said that he does everything because of his music. That is why he decided to concentrate more on his music and take some time off from going to concerts. AEG that is responsible for managing his shows did not have anything to say about the musician’s decision.


Chesney’s Heiz concerts have always been a success ever since 2005. However, it was not until 2013, that the concert turned controversial here and there. The people who attended the concert left about 60,000 pounds of garbage. The parking and stadiums were all crowded with garbage. The mess was an estimate of five times compared to typical Steelers game. The workers had to use about 15 hours to get rid of all the garbage. In the previous year, the workers only spent about 12 hours to collect all the trash.  Furthermore, there were about 73 arrests during the concert. However, the city officials were of the view that there should be better event management to avoid the incidence that occurred.


musicians bookGiven that the musicians decided not to go for a concert in 2014, there is no doubt that the fans will be ready and packed up for the 2015 concert. The stadium management said that they always have attractions on Heinz field with or without the Chesney concert.   Therefore, other artists can take up the opportunity to play in the stadium. There is no doubt that Chesney will go back to give his fans the best on Heiz Field concert. Therefore, his music fan should not despair because he will still be rocking the North shore. Chesney is one of the most loved country musicians in the north shore. As such, he will no doubt still give his fans the best time. There is different reactions concern the mess that occurred in 2013 after the Chesney concert.