Due to the increased use of the Internet, computer networks either at workplace or home have become prone to attacks by viruses and hackers. To protect them from these attacks people need to install an impenetrable firewall. Just refresh your memory this is like a wall that protects entry into a compound but in a software form. Cleanr Snow in Winnipeg can provide your work or home network with the bets firewall services. So, this publication will look at the importance of having a firewall protection on your computer or network.

Importance of a firewall

Packet filters

Packet filtersUpon setting filters, only a small data can pass through as to the set instructions. This capability allows no unrecognized data to pass through. The IP and TCP contain the necessary information, and that restricts certain access to the system or network. In this regard, hackers and viruses alike will have a rough time penetrating to do malicious attacks in the system. With this kind of security, the commands need to keep changing as attackers may find way in if the commands are too static.

Application gateways

A further look at security at application and software level is also another crucial role of a reliable firewall. The common gateway used in job systems is the email gateway. The firewall will filter what to allow in or move to trash bin depending on the links and attachments which may be a threat. Other systems can have such commands as well. In most cases, some words in a system may be set to require a higher authorization in some application. Such words include malicious and attack terminologies like bomb, virus, and trojan just to name but a few.

The IP addresses

A firewall can detect if a foreign IP address which does not belong to the company is accessing the system too many times. In such a case, the IP address will have a denied access. In most cases, such IP addresses may not be aware they are monitored and catching them is very easy.

Proxy information

Proxy A firewall may store most of the online information and only send it to the requesting computers in bits rather than opening the doors. If there is a threat, the firewall will first feel the impact which is easy to hold and counter attack rather than when it has already hit the network.


Firewalls are crucial, and any company or home network should install one. Updating the software at all times is better to avoid being hacked easily by the malicious. The viruses mutate every minute and thus will need an updated counter-attack measures.