Having workers compensation insurance is important because it not only helps with the cost of medical but also guides you through the process of the law when you hurt yourself at work.

Worker’s compensation insurance

The first thing you will have to do is to report it to your employment. Only if it is a work-related accident, the law states that you have 8 hours to report it.

The employment drug test

Once you have reported the accident, what your employer will do is to take you down for a drug test. This is to make sure that you don’t have any drugs on your system.


The employer will have to take you to an ER where you would be seen by a doctor and most likely X-rays. Then the doctor will determine if you need to see a specialist, who can treat you for your injury.

Light duty

doctorThe ER doctor will give you the note giving the time off if needed until you see the specialist. This certification needs to be handed to your employer; this will be reported to your workmans comp insurance. Then you will be called by your workers comp on what specialist you will need to see. It is worth noting that they only approve certain physicians.

Specialist to work under them

Here, you will be treated for your injury; they may give you more time off or have you do light duty or even surgery, it all depends on the injury. Of course, if they have to do surgery, you will be off work until you undergo the surgical procedure. Plus a lot of doctor visits and even rehab if needed.

Rehabilitation or therapy

Sometimes, you might have even to do rehab if you had surgery. They will give you so many hours on rehab to make sure you are ready and fit for work. When the doctor releases you from rehab or even light duty to full duty, you still have some steps left. You will then return to work, and worker compensation will send you a letter for you to see a specialist on to see if there were any nerve damage.

Doctor’s reading

doctorThis will be your last visit to a doctor; here he will determine if there is any nerve or permanent damage to your body. He will ask you to bend, jump, sit and he may even check your nerves. After he has done all this, he then will rate you with a number.