JournalistsHello Boomers, Here’s What’s Up

It’s the end of the internship season, and now you may have these new whipersnappers invading your newsroom. Poynter’s Leading Lines columnist Jill Geisler wrote a guide to dealing with these new employees from Generation Y. Also, a letter from a Gen Y employee to newsroom managers.

AYJ gives the association of young journalists an outlet


The Chips Quinn Scholars program, a division of the Freedom Forum, profiles AYJ, its goals and what’s coming up

Newsrooms Need Young Journalists

Face it, newsrooms need young journalists.

Whether we’re there to offer a youthful perspective on the news, to go all out on a story or, frankly, as cheap labor, many of the nation’s newsrooms thrive on the work of young journalists. We have energy, passion, and commitment.